Anonymous asked: Actually you do know me, but I'm not gonna take off anon ;p

Why not :p




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Am I the only one frightened by how they discovered the second to last fact?

Here’s a source of a incident involving freezing poop from a plane.

Guys come ooooon. Ask me stuff. Personal, pervy, deep, intense, anything about things I’m a fan of..

Anonymous asked: Is that a good "O.O"?

Idk who you are is all XD

Anonymous asked: How would you feel if I were to go up behind and shoved one hand down your pants and started squeezing one of your tits as hard as I could with the other. Also in this scenario I'm not a total stranger XD


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More anon questions pweaseeeee

Anonymous asked: If you're horny you can sit on my face ;)

O.O idk who you are

Anonymous asked: Why , are u horny????

A bit