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This website is ridiculously heterophobic and that makes me sad because this isn’t helping anyone it’s only bullying a sexuality.

Yeah yeah yeah “BUT STRAIGHT PEOPE BULLY LGBT AND ARE HOMOPHOBIC!” No sweetie pies, only a few straight people…

I’ve seen a lesbian bully a straight girl into suicide just for being straight.

i have a really hard time believing this

I’ve seen a gay man bully a straight girl just for being straight.

this i can buy because gay men can be as misogynistic as heterosexual ones but it’s more likely that he was using ~heterophobia~ as an excuse to be a misogynist

I’ve seen a lesbian couple beat the shit out of a straight girl.

again, not really buying it

I’ve seen a transgender male beat the shit out of a non transgender male just for being non transgender.

wow. you really know how to make shit up. it’s almost impressive

I’ve seen a gay man beat an murder a straight man, I’ve seen lesbians be cruel to straight people, I’ve seen gay people be cruel to straight people, I’ve seen transgendered people be cruel to non transgendered people.

"transgendered" i’m gonna need you to stop now

You know what I’ve hardly ever seen? Fucking bisexuals be rude to anyone. I’ve seen very little of them being rude to anyone but it does happen.

i hope i’m one of the rudest bisexuals you ever meet

BECAUSE SOME OF THE LGT PEOPLE ARE CRUEL TO THEM TOO! BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM TOO! DRIVE THEM TO SUICIDE TOO! I’ve seen lesbians and gays at pride physically abuse bisexuals, spit on bisexuals, verbally abuse bisexuals.

yeah. that’s called biphobia. it happens because monosexuals don’t take us seriously. it’s… totally unrelated to heterophobia, though. because bisexuals aren’t heterosexual. like bisexuals are 0% heterosexual and we are 100% bisexual why did you even bring this up?

Some LGT people have raped straight people and bisexuals. They’ve murdered them, beaten the shit out of them, drove them to suicide, bullied them.

can we just… can we take a minute here. because motive is so, so important here. heterosexuals assault, rape, or murder lgbpq+ people just because our identity fairly regularly. i can’t think of a single time that the reverse happened. the fbi hate crime stats indicate that it happens so rarely that it doesn’t even need acknowledgement because many of those are likely cases where the hetero started shit, the lgbpq+ person tried to defend themselves, and the hetero claimed “hate crime”

They can and are just as bad as some straight people.

unsurprisingly, there are bad people in every group. that doesn’t mean that the numbers and consequences are the same

And holy crap if you’re apart of the LG(some)BT group and stick up for straight and bisexuals you get shit on and hate and you get treated by the others as they’re treating the bisexuals and straights.

you realize… there are heterosexuals… and bisexuals… in the lgbtiqap+ community. there are heterosexual trans people and heterosexual intersex people. i myself am a bisexual and i have to say i’ve gotten far more people defending me from within our community than from without.

also just… stop. don’t lump bisexuals in with heterosexuals. why are you even doing that?

LGBT people ARE NOT innocent and ARE NOT only victims they can be just as bad.

look i’m not asking you to believe that there’s never been one single mean person in the lgbtiqap+ community. i just need you to realize that the social ramifications are different because there’s a huge power imbalance

And I need YOU to realise I’m not making ANYTHING up. I’m telling you what YOU asked to know and what YOU asked to see.

I’m also not lumping bisexuals with heterosexuals? Holy crap I was saying how they get the same treatment by LGT members as straight people do?

Oh and thanks for saying my rape by three gay people and my father doesn’t deserve any acknowledgement. Thanks I guess that means I wasn’t raped and I don’t deserve the help. Awesome. Guess that means my brother doesn’t deserve the acknowledgement either when it happened to him. He’s bisexual but it was still the same people. I’ll remember to tell my gay friend whose gay family member raped him that it doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t need to be acknowledged. I’ll totally make sure to tell that to my lesbian friend who was raped by her lesbian partner before she got away from her. Awesome.

You are 100% twisting my words around I DO NOT appreciate it.

They make no sense..they’re so brainwashed like a lot of Tumblr is oh my god.

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gay people are literally being murdered for being gay and aren't even allowed to get married in almost every country in the world how on earth can you say it's "only a few" straight people who are homophobic open your goddamn eyes




Are they still going on about this..they really can’t read can they

That or they’re too closed minded and engrossed in tumblr “LGBT activism” and tumblr state of mind that they don’t realise this shit.

Probably what you said. Sad really.

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Life’s A Beach #mmcsince93 #waltdisneyworld (at Caribbean Cay)

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i don't disagree with the whole "hating on people for anything they don't have control over is kinda bs" bit of your argument, people need to generally stop being assholes tbh, but i'm honestly curious as to where you've seen heterophobia on here? the closest thing to heterophobia i've seen is cheesy jokes about straight boys texting, which is pretty harmless and nowhere near as bad as the homophobia i've seen irl and online. not tryin to sound confrontational, just genuinely curious.


I’ve been on this website for 4.5 years and I’ve seen straight people bullied off this website by LGBT members.

I have a friend who i met on here in the beginning and a lesbian and gay male bullied her so much she had to leave this website and she’s scared to come back.

I’ve seen members of the LGBT community drive some people to suicide on here. “How do you know they actually killed themselves!?” Because I knew them and I knew their siblings or parents and hey confirmed it.

I will never forget the days I saw a lesbian tumblr clique bully a straight man so much and for so long that he got depression and left this website. I don’t know if he came back I lost track of him but I hope he’s doing well. He even blocked them and changed URLS they still got to him someway.

Really I could go on.

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gay people are literally being murdered for being gay and aren't even allowed to get married in almost every country in the world how on earth can you say it's "only a few" straight people who are homophobic open your goddamn eyes


Are they still going on about this..they really can’t read can they

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